Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Utterly Frusterating!

Have you ever lost something?  I mean REALLY lost something.  It is one of the most frusterating things.  This one, is not my fault.  I, however, am the one STILL looking for it.

The Mission: Find Tanner's D.S.
The Time Frame: Must be found before Christmas
The Place: If I knew that I wouldn't be writing this right now

I AM AT MY WITS END.  I have spent more time looking for this $%&*#(@ D.S. than almost anything else.  It has been missing for almost two weeks.  I will be the first to admit that my house isn't that neat.  I have three boys.  It can be perfectly clean and within an hour look like a bomb went off.  Total dissarray.  Therefore, why clean?  Just kidding.  I do try to keep on top of things, but it doesn't always look that way.  I noticed the D.S. was missing last Monday (and was able to trace it to the Thursday before), and since then I have been looking for it here and there.  15 minutes here, 30 minutes there, in the car, in the Christmas stuff in the basement, etc..  An hour and a half yesterday..... and still nothing.  I think I might be going mad.

Here is the problem.  Tanner. loves. his. D.S.  It is his love language.  When he is naughty, just threaten to take away the D.S. and voila! behavior changed.  And....he is getting several D.S. games for Christmas.  How do I deal with that? 

I am pretty sure that the last time he had it was in our house.  It does, however, have his name and our phone number on it, so it could possibly find it's way back to our house.....right?

Come on!  This over worked, stressed out mom needs a break.  Anyone have any brilliant ideas as to where else to look?  I even told the kids (and their cousins) that I would give the D.S. finder $1.  The 6 of them looked for at least 10 minutes (which is like an hour in kid time) to no avail.  Adah did, however, find the missing DVD remote downstairs (it has been missing for over 6 months) and earned herself $.50.  Oh please don't let it take 6 months for us to find the D.S.

If you are bored and need something to fill your time, head on over and join in the hunt.  Tanner may have given up after 10 minutes, but I HAVE NOT!  Please help!

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  1. Maybe it's with my phone! UGH! I hate the feeling. Maybe the Luebcke vortex struck again!?