Monday, December 12, 2011

An Odd Combination

Elder bugs and cookies.  Not together.  Just an update on the Elder bugs and some cookie love. 

Note: this update is not for those who are weak of heart, mind or bugs (or you should skip to the next paragraph).  Our last (see previous post) Elder bug is dying.  It. has. been. a. whole. week.  Seriously?  Elder bugs can live without food or water (and barely any air) for a week.  Well "Fatty" cannot.  I don't know about "Climby and "Leafy" because they mysteriously disappeared on Day 4 1/2.  Is anyone else concerned about this?  Now there are Elder bugs wandering around MY house.  I thought I had rid myself of the Elder bugs for good when I moved out of the Coombs' house almost 13 years ago.  Now I know how those little buggers get into my parent's house.....through ridiculously small holes.  I made TINY holes in the top of the lid so the little bugs could get some air.  We are talking the toothpick sized holes.  And they escaped.  I kind of expected that from "Climby".  From the minute we caught him, he was trying to get out, but "Leafy" seemed so content on his leaf.  "Fatty" didn't have a chance.  He is now laying legs up on his back.  I flipped him over twice today, just to be kind, but he really wanted to die.  I am hoping that "Climby" and "Leafy" are in the same position somewhere in which I will NEVER see them.

Let's talk about something more pleasant.  COOKIES!!!!  For the last 10+ years we have a tradition with the Laube family.  We get together every Christmas season and make cookies (read between the lines here:  the ladies slave away in the kitchen while the men watch some sort of sporting event or manly movie and get to be taste testers).  At the end of the night we (I mean ladies) are all exhasted and we go home with 6-7 plates of assorted Christmas cookies.

Last year we made a brilliant play change.  We decided to make the cookies ahead of time and then bring them and assemble plates.  Then we can also enjoy the sporting event or manly movie (I mean watch the kids, assemble plates, clean the kitchen, etc).  Because we made the cookies ahead of time and we weren't dependent on making sure that no one stole the oven from you and that it was at the right temperate, we increased the output of plates per person to 10.  GUESS WHAT?  This year, we each went home with 12 plates loaded with over 20 different varieties of cookies.  Our neighbors and co-workers are going to love us!!!!  Winner for best cookie (in my opinion) was Stephanie for those really sticky, but AMAZING pecan bars.  Maybe it is just because I never get to eat nuts because of my family of nutty allergies, but they were delicious!  Second runner up.......Stacy and the peanut butter balls.  So. good.  Are you all salivating right now.  I am.  

The famous peanut butter balls

Cake Pops.  So delicious.
Assembling.  Takes us a good hour or two with 6 of us working!

You know what made the day/night even better?  Yep, the Broncos.  The Bronco game was the sporting event this year and it didn't dissapoint!  I missed the first 3 1/2 quarters of the game (see above paragraph) but I caught the good part!  That was so much fun!  And it is true....everything is funner (yes that is a word) with a friend.  You can't watch a game like that by yourself.  You need someone to scream with and then high five at the end!  Well....thanks Coombs, Laubes, Stutzmans and Luebckes for being there to high five at the end.

Oh and thanks for the cookies.  All 72 heaping plates full.

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